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CTM: The Long Covid Centre


Recovery is different for everyone and it is important to understand a slower recovery is not just limited to those who have been in hospital with Covid. 

If you feel you would like assistance and advice regarding your recovery, the Long Covid Rehabilitation Service is here to help.  

We are a therapy based team which has been designed to provide rehabilitation and focus on giving you the tools to understand and manage your symptoms in everyday life.  

The team includes: 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Occupational therapy. 

  • Speech and language therapy. 

  • Psychology. 

  • Plus support from a GP with a special interest in long Covid. 

We are here to support you to manage your condition in a progressive way to gradually get you back to the things you need and like to do. We provide mostly telephone consultations, but are able to do face to face appointments where required.  

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