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Lads & Dads

Men's Mental Wellbeing

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We're just a group of men that want to help one another with the mental strains that life throws at us. Established in 2019, Lads & Dads now has 1,100+ active members, with 11 reliable committee members.

No matter the problem, Lads & Dads is a safe place to share. Our members offer support through advice and meetups. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. We're a social bunch, and enjoy regular meetups like sea dips. Don't worry, if the cold water is not for you, we also organise regular walks and meetings to appeal to more of our members. We are always looking for fresh ideas, so don't be afraid to submit an idea to our committee.


The brainchild of Rob Lester, inspired by his own traumatic experiences and his growing awareness for male suicide rates, Rob used local Facebook groups to put out some feelers for a men's mental wellbeing group. After several positive responses from locals, Rob established Lads & Dads. Now in to its third year, our group has over 1,100 active members with 11 committee members that work hard to ensure the group remains effective. Join us on our website or get involved with our Facebook group.

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